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The Bloody Good Candle (120ml) - Caramel Fudge

The Bloody Good Candle (120ml) - Caramel Fudge

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In support of the awesome organisation 'Bloody Good Period' and Menstrual Hygiene Day coming up on 28th May, 10% of profits from this candle will be donated to support the provision of period products for refugees, asylum seekers and those living in poverty. 

Bloody Good Period fights for menstrual equity and does incredible work to shift the narrative around it, tackle the shame and stigma and provide people with the right education. No one should be discriminated against and disadvantaged because they bleed and period products shouldn't be a luxury. Unfortunately, the sad reality is many women are forced to go without essential supplies and as a result suffer from physical and mental health problems. 

You can read more about the incredible work they do here and see how you can support them :)

Candle info

Size: 120ml

Burntime: 25-30 hours

Vegan friendly 



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