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Mango & Lime Candle - Kera - Kera

Mango & Lime Candle - Kera

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Candle size:120ml or180ml

Burn time: 120ml (20-25 hours) 180ml (35-40 hours)

One of my favourite memories when growing up has got to be going mango picking with my family in our farm and coming back home with buckets and buckets filled with them. We would sit on the floor and devour it within minutes...and then go back the next day for more! 

This one is a very fresh, fruity and summery scent. Good thing summer is just around the corner! (I hope)

Varkala is famous for its beach vibes. If you're into traditional art, temples and some good old yoga, this is the place to be. 

Burn time is roughly 35 hours for the 180ml and around 25 hours for the 120ml - if you keep your wicks trimmed regularly to about 5mm, It will last even longer :)

Make sure you burn it for about 2-3 hours the first time you light it in order to get an even burn and to avoid tunnelling 

Never leave a lit candle unattended