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Hey folks! I'm Anu. 
Kera was inspired by my childhood, growing up in the beautiful state of Kerala in southern India surrounded by some of the most insane mountains and waterfalls you'll ever see and the best mangoes and coconuts money could buy (well actually it was free, but you get the point). I grew up seeing my grandparents use natural and simple ingredients every day from our farm to make products that were super gorge but also produced almost zero waste. They literally made shampoo from water and hibiscus leaves. It didn't smell too great, but it was free and I like free stuff. 
I guess that stuck with me…especially when it came to the products I use around my home. I'm a huge fan of non-fussy, sustainable and simple goodies that doesn't contain ingredients I can’t pronounce and doesn't leave our planet in a mess. 
That's why all the candles I make are made from vegan, soy wax and cotton wicks (none of that nasty paraffin stuff). I hand make them in small batches in my kitchen/garden shed – much to my mother's despair. I also use high quality essential and fragrance oils as well as reusable amber jars which you can get creative with afterwards or send back to me to get 10% off your next order. Each candle is named after a special place in Kerala. I hope you too can enjoy a little piece of it :)
Also, thank you so much for supporting my little business. I have no idea what I am doing, but hey...who does?
 A x